Installing z/Server as an Upgrade

Enterprise Developer 3.0 requires an installation of z/Server version 3.0 (V3R0) or higher.

Before upgrading an existing installation of z/Server of a version earlier than version 3.0, Micro Focus recommends that you install z/Server 3.0 on separate ports, and test this with AWM in Enterprise Developer 3.0:

  1. Install z/Server 3.0 on ports separate from your current installation of z/Server. Keep the existing z/Server as the productive server installation.
  2. Install Enterprise Developer 3.0 and ensure that all server connections point to the z/Server 3.0 installation.
  3. Test your remote AWM models against the server. For example:
    • Test whether you expanding your defined data set filters works in MVS Explorer.
    • Try to duplicate and delete a member in a PO data set.
    • Edit and save a sequential MVS file or a member of a PO data set from the MVS Explorer.
  4. After all tests have successfully passed, roll out Enterprise Developer 3.0 across your organization.

    AWM in all installations should point to the z/Server 3.0 installation.

  5. When all Enterprise Developer installations have been upgraded successfully, the tasks started by the earlier version of z/Server can be deactivated or uninstalled.