Start the ACCTWEB Server

You need to start the enterprise server instance that you have now created and configured.

  1. Ensure ESDEMO and any other server that us using the TN3270 is not running. If it is, stop it before starting the ACCTWEB server.

    This is because these two servers use the same port for one of their listeners.

  2. In the Enterprise Server Administration Page, click Start button next to the ACCTWEB server and then click OK.
  3. When ACCTWEB has a status of Started, click Edit on the row for the server in the Enterprise Server Administration.
  4. Click Control and then ES monitor & Control.
  5. You need to add the new group DFHWEB to your system. In the left pane under Resources, select by Group from the drop-down list; then click Startup.
  6. In the list of startup lists, click the Details button that corresponds to DEMOSTRT, and in box 14 enter DFHWEB. This is the name of the group you need to add for CICS Web support and contains the system resources as well as the one required by the ACCTWEB demo.
  7. Click Apply.
  8. Ensure that the resources are available to the system by either running CINS DFHWEB from your 3270 emulator or restarting your ACCTWEB enterprise server.