The static run-time system and the single-threaded run-time system on Windows are no longer required and they are not shipped with Enterprise Developer. Applications built with Enterprise Developer are now linked to the shared or dynamic run-time systems. On UNIX, you can link to the single-threaded or multi-threaded shared or dynamic run-time system.

Linking from the command line

You can link applications from the Enterprise Developer command prompt with the cbllink or cblnames commands. For example, to produce an .exe file, use:

cbllink myprogram.cbl

To compile and link your code to produce a .dll file, use:

cbllink -d myprogram.cbl

With these commands, the single-threaded and static-linking options are automatically mapped onto the multi-threaded and shared run-time systems respectively.

Linking from the IDE

To specify what to link:

  1. Click Project > Properties.
  2. Expand Micro Focus > Build Configurations.
  3. Click Link and specify your link settings.