Master configuration

To work with AWM applications, a master configuration file must exist.

REXX procedure TAULAPPL must be customized to contain the dataset name of the master configuration dataset. The default name is hlq.SYSTEM.CONFIG.

The REXX TAULAPPL can be found on the installation EXEC library.

Please change the following line in TAULAPPL according to the high level qualifier used for the installation:

sysdsn= 'hlq.SYSTEM.CONFIG'                 /* master config file */

A sample master configuration dataset has been delivered as hlq.ZSERVER.MASTER. The contents of this master configuration dataset contain a sample application “PDS Explorer”:

* TAURUS System and Application Definition                            
* Do not change the key words:                                        
*    System:                                                          
*    Appl:                                                            
*    Conf:                                                            
*    Version:                                                         
*    INFO:                                                            
* Change Activity:                                                    
*   date    name    comment                                           
* TAURUS SYSTEM                                                       
* Enter a unique logical name for this mainframe system              
System: TAURUS_Custom_System                                          
* application name                                                    
Appl: PDS Explorer                                                    
* location of the application configuration file                      
Conf: mvs:'hlq.TAURUS.XML(PDSECONF)'                                 
* application version number                                          
Version: 1.4                                                          
* process information                                                 
* end of application definition. do not delete this line              


Please customize the reference to the PDS Exlorer XML application model and enter a unique system name (e.g. your logical LPAR name).

An AWM user needs READ access to the master configuration file and to all XML files referenced; the AWM administrator needs UPDATE access.