Data File Tools

Note: This is a technology preview feature. It is being made available to allow you to edit test data and provide feedback on this new capability; however, this feature is not intended for the editing of production data and its use is not supported as such.

Micro Focus Data File Tools is a standalone text editor in which to create and edit data files for use in your COBOL testing environment. The files you create can belong to a Fileshare server or reside locally on your machine. You can also open existing data sets within your Enterprise Server regions, for editing.

Data File Tools comprises two editors, producing two different types of file. Use the files produced by the two editors, within the Data File Editor, to produce a rich data editing experience.

Data File Editor
The Data File Editor is a tabbed pane within the Data File Tools window in which to create, view, and edit data files of different organizations. This editor also provides a comprehensive filtering tool, enabling you to filter on only the records you require.
Structure File Editor

The Structure File Editor is a tabbed pane within the Data File Tools window in which to create and edit the contents of structure files. Structure files are applied to data files so that the data files are easier to view and edit.

Data File Tools is a multi-tabbed environment in which you can have one or more data files and structure files open (within their respective editors) at the same time. Switching between tabs enables you to edit files simultaneously.