Specifies the size of the IP send/receive buffer for each worker task in a scheduler or user server address space.
Minimum Value
2M (or 2048K)
Maximum Value
Supported Values
An integer followed by either the character "K" or "M". There must be no space between the integer and the character.
Additional Information
The size of a message to or from a client cannot exceed the defined buffer size.

The buffers are used for dataset content to be edited or JESx data to be browsed and must be large enough to contain the associated data. For example, a 20.000 line source program requires a 1.6MB buffer. The buffers are allocated in LE heap storage (above the line).

The CMDTASK DD statement contains the confirmation of the buffer sizes: TAU0025I hh:mm:ss.ttt Inp-Msg-Area for subtask allocated at 29649028 Out-Msg-Area for subtask allocated at 2A04A028 Wrk-Msg-Area for subtask allocated at 2AA4B028 Each area is 10485760 Bytes long If the defined buffers are too small for an incoming or outgoing request message, TAU0050E is written to the LE message file: TAU0050E hh:mm:ss.ttt Input-Msg-Len with 00001030 Bytes is greater than ... Increase Buffer-Size and restart server !