Edit the PLIDEBUG.DAT file

When you submit the JCL, the PLIDEBUG.DAT file is created. In order to debug the application, you need to edit this file so that it contains settings defining whether the enterprise server should generate an "interrupt" when the program is loaded and about to be executed.

  1. Double-click plidebug.dat in the Team Developer Tree view. (You might need to refresh the project if it isn't showing.) This opens the file in the Micro Focus Data File Tools application.
    Tip: If plidebug.dat still does not show in the Team Developer Tree view after refreshing the project, you can navigate to and double-click the file in Windows Explorer to open it in the Micro Focus Data File Tools application.
  2. Click Edit > Data File Editor > Insert Indexed Record.
  3. Enter a value of OPDEMO as the unique key and click OK.
  4. Put your cursor on column 20 of the record you just inserted and type in the text below:
    Y 1 shlib opdemo.dll;env opdemo;br %entry;br %exit [det;q];c

    The commands in this record set the debugging environment and opening and closing details.

    • You cannot paste text into the Data File Editor. If you do, an Update Warning message appears. Click Yes to continue.
    • To stop invoking CodeWatch when you submit the JCL, replace the Y on column 20 with an N.
  5. Close the Editor.
  • Make sure that you enter the key OPDEMO in upper case.
  • Make sure that the first Y is in column 20. The current line and column numbers are shown in the information bar at the bottom of the window. Note that the starting column is assumed to be 0 as this is the default. It can be changed to 1 from the Data Tools Options. If your starting point is 1, make sure that the first Y is in column 21.
  • Always close down the editing session before you start debugging, otherwise the file will be locked and the enterprise server won't be able to access it.