Add started tasks to Start Up/Shut down procedures

Either add start commands for the servers to your parmlib concatenation (e.g. SYS1.PARMLIB(COMMANDxx)) to start them automatically at the next IPL, or define the new started tasks to your automation product. Once the address spaces are defined and configured, they can be started dynamically with the following console command:


The holder address space TAURHLD will automatically start the configured scheduler address space(s). TAURHLD is dependent on the availability of the TCP/IP stack configured for use.

The started tasks are stopped using the STOP command.


The holder address space TAURHLD will automatically terminate all address spaces using its services. That means that the holder first terminates all user servers that are still running and then all scheduler address spaces.

Scheduler address spaces can be started and stopped via the holder. See Starting and stopping a scheduler address space for more information.

User servers cannot be started manually. They will detect that they were not started by a scheduler address space and terminate accordingly.

Note: TAURISPF must be stopped before TAURHLD. To ensure that no user servers are orphaned, either set TSOE_CLEANUP in hlq.ZSERVER.CONFIG(IVPISPFJ) or issue the appropriate stop command before stopping TAURISPF. Setting TSOE_CLEANUP requires a defined pattern for TSOE_JOBSEARCH.