Micro Focus Builder Preferences

The settings you specify on the Builder preferences page (Window > Preferences > Micro Focus > Builder) enable you to configure how building works in Eclipse and apply to all projects.

Delete user files in output folder
Specify what to do with any files in the output folder which were not produced by the build.
Delete build artifacts in output folder when project settings change
Specify whether the existing output files should be deleted when your project's settings change before the project is rebuilt.
COBOL indexer options
Specify whether the IDE should detect copybook usage within your COBOL programs. This information is used by the Copybook Dependency view.
  • Enable indexer - enabled by default.
Console output
Specify whether to limit the number of characters in the notifications in the Console view. Using an unlimited or a very large buffer can affect build performance.
  • Limit console output
  • Console buffer size (characters)
Dependency paths
Specify whether Eclipse should automatically add any new directories in your project to the Dependency paths tab in the project's properties (Micro Focus > Build Path > Dependency paths for native and Mainframe COBOL projects and Micro Focus > Dependency paths for JVM COBOL projects):
  • Automatically add new directories to dependency paths - disabled by default.
Multi-processor compilation
On multi-CPU machines, use this setting to enable faster, parallel compilation of the sources in your native and mainframe projects. The maximum number of cores to be used is the number of cores of the machine on which the build is being run.
  • Maximum number of compilations to execute concurrently