Run the AACT Transaction

Now that the transaction is built, and you have an enterprise server running it, we can test it by connecting to it and interacting with it using a TN3270 emulator. If you installed Micro Focus Rumba with Enterprise Developer, you can use the embedded TN3270 mainframe display from within the IDE:

  1. Click Window > Preferences; then expand Micro Focus > Enterprise Server, and click TN3270.
  2. In the right frame, ensure that Enable display is checked.

    If you installed Rumba as part of your Enterprise Developer installation, this automatically selects Rumba (embedded) and checks all of its corresponding options.

  3. Close the Preferences page.
  4. In Server Explorer, right-click AACT; then select Show TN3270 Display..

    This starts the embedded TN3270 display and automatically connects it to the AACT enterprise server using port 9004 as you configured in the server.

  5. Clear the screen of your TN3270 emulator.
    Note: If you are using Rumba, press Ctrl+Shift+Z to clear the screen.

    If this is your first time running the transaction, you must create an AACTFIL file.

  6. Type CFCR AACTFIL at the prompt on your TN3270 emulator screen, press Enter, then clear the screen. After doing this the first time, you do not need to do it when you run the application again.
  7. Enter AACT. The following shows the initial screen of our transaction:

    AACT Main Menu

    As you can see from this screen, this transaction lets you display, add, delete, print, or modify information in the file. To show how the transaction runs, you'll add a record and then retrieve it.

  8. Tab to the REQUEST TYPE field and type A.
  9. In the ACCOUNT field, type 11111.
  10. Press Enter.
  11. Complete the fields on the NEW RECORD screen as follows. Of the three ADDRESS fields, complete only the first two. Fields not represented here are not mandatory so please skip over them.
    SURNAME Washington
    FIRST George
    TITLE Pres
    TELEPHONE 8005551212
    ADDRESS Mt. Vernon Estate
      Mt. Vernon, VA
    DATE ISSUED 070476
  12. Press Enter.
  13. Tab to the REQUEST TYPE field.
  14. Type D to display a record.
  15. In the ACCOUNT field, type 11111.
  16. Press Enter. The following display shows the record retrieved from the file:

    ACCT Record Display

  17. Clear the screen of your TN3270 emulator to return to the main menu, then clear the screen again to exit the transaction.
  18. You can now stop the enterprise server: in Server Explorer, right-click the AACT server, and click Stop.