Display Virtual Storage

F <scheduler|userserver>,DISPLAY,VSM

results in the following output in the CMDTASK DD statement of the named address space.

Virtual Storage Map :                                                    
V=R Central (real) address range (non pagable)                           
         Area   Start(hex)-End(Hex)    Size(K)     Size(M)    Used(K)    
   PSA/System    00000000  00000000        0K       .0M                  
   Region V=R    00000000  FFFFFFFF        0K       .0M                  
   Region V=V    00006000  008FFFFF     9192K      8.9M                  
          CSA    00900000  00CAFFFF     3776K      3.6M        219K      
         MLPA    00000000  00000000        0K       .0M                  
         FLPA    00000000  00000000        0K       .0M                  
         PLPA    00CB0000  00E54FFF     1684K      1.6M                  
          SQA    00E55000  00FD3FFF     1532K      1.4M        186K      
      Nucleus    00FD4000  00FFFFFF      176K       .1M                  
       16M- line --------------------------------------                  
   Nucl. Ext.    01000000  01ADBFFF    11120K     10.8M                  
     SAQ Ext.    01ADC000  02958FFF    14836K     14.4M       7437K      
    PLPA Ext.    02959000  05F70FFF    55392K     54.0M                  
    FLPA Ext.    05F71000  05F73FFF       12K       .0M                  
    MLPA Ext.    00000000  00000000        0K       .0M                  
     CSA Ext.    05F74000  1E6FFFFF   400944K    391.5M      28094K      
    Reg. Ext.    1E700000  7FFFFFFF  1598464K   1561.0M                  
      WHM        --------------------------------------                  
      SQA HWM                            771K       .7M                  
     ESQA HWM                           7681K      7.5M                  
      CSA HWM                            576K       .5M                  
     ECSA HWM                          29731K     29.0M                  
 CSA space converted into SQA              0K       .0M                  
 Common Area Space available            4832K      4.7M (CSA/SQA)        
 Size of private region                 9192K      8.9M                  
 Addr current top of user region         728K       .7M                  
 Maximum size of user region            9192K      8.9M                  
 Total bytes allocated to user regn      704K       .6M                  
 Total bytes allocated                   340K       .3M LSQA/SWA/229/230 
 Addr start ext. user region          498688K    487.0M                  
 Size extended user region           1598464K   1561.0M                  
 Addr current top ext. user region    812116K    793.0M                  
 Max. size extended user region      1598464K   1561.0M                  
 Total bytes allocated ext. user reg  313420K    306.0M                  
 Total bytes allocated                 12112K     11.8M LSQA/SWA/229/230

The hardcopy log shows

+IPC0098I  hh:mm:ss.ttt Current Virtual-Storage-Map for server scheduler 
printed to ddname CMDTASK.