Create the WSDL document using the editor

You need to create the WSDL document using the Eclipse WSDL Editor. You need to start by creating a workspace to hold all the projects for this tutorial.

Remember: In the topics describing how to use the WSDL Editor, the phrase "double-click" means one click to select the required box and another click to place the cursor in the text box for editing.
  1. Start Enterprise Developer.
  2. Change the perspective to JAVA EE, click Window > Perspective > Open Perspective > Other.

    This opens the Open Perspective dialog box.

  3. Click Java EE, and then click OK.
  4. Click File > New > Other > General > Project, and then click Next.

    This opens the New Project dialog box.

  5. In the Project name field, type wsdl, and then click Finish.
  6. In the Project Explorer, right-click the wsdl project, then click New > Other.

    This opens the New dialog box.

  7. Type wsdl, and then click WSDL File.
  8. Click Next.
  9. In the File name field, type BookLegacy.wsdl.
  10. Click Next.
  11. In the Target namespace field, type

    This URL makes the types unique to the web service. Update the URL keeping the "BookLegacy" part.

  12. Use the other defaults and then click Finish.

This opens a new WSDL document in the WSDL editor, giving a template with one operation.