Code Analysis

The following restrictions apply to the code analysis functionality:

Branch prediction

Branch prediction is not enabled. For example, this will not be detected as unreachable code by Dead Code Analysis:
if 0 equals 1
               display "Unreachable code"
               display "World"

Supported languages

Only the COBOL language is supported.

Conditional compilation

Conditional compilation is not supported.

ENTRY defined through variable

ENTRY statements defined through variables are not supported, and the ENTRY's statements will be marked as dead even if they can be called.

working-storage section.
       78 entry-name value "my-entry-name".

       procedure division.
       entry entry-name
           display "this is my-entry-name"

In the example above, the DISPLAY statement will be marked as dead even if it can be called.

Local variable declarations

Local variable declarations are not supported.

Managed code support

Managed code and the new OO COBOL statements are not supported.