Delete a TSO User in user administration

It is possible that a user server address space terminated without first doing clean-up in the user administration control structures. This can happen if the address space was forced (MVS FORCE command) and no address space related clean-up ran. In this case the command:

F <scheduler>,TSO,DELETE,USER=userid

enables unconditional removal of the TSO user ID from the user administration control structures to free the entries and the port the user server address space was listening on. The CMDTASK DD statement of the scheduler address space shows:

SLR0039W  13:53:19.557 User USERID  deleted.

If the specified user is not found in the user administration control structures, the following message is issued:

F <scheduler>,TSO,DELETE,USER=ALL  
SLR0038W  13:53:08.239 User ALL      not found. Delete command ignored.
Note: This command will unconditionally remove the specified user ID from the control structures, even if the client is currently working normally and no problem had occurred before. That means that the client/user server cannot work further without causing other problems. The user server address space also cannot terminate anymore without manual intervention (it must be cancelled):
+SLR0092E  14:11:40.508 User servers with Timeout_Action=STOP must be 
started with POLICY=1 (Started Jobs). Timeout is ignored.