Running the Application

Running an application that you develop in Eclipse requires that you first create a launch configuration. To create a run configuration and run the application:
  1. Select your project in the Application Explorer view and from the main menu click Run > Run Configurations

    The Run Configurations dialog box is displayed.

  2. Create a new launch configuration in one of the following ways:
    • Double-click the COBOL Application tree item, or
    • Click the COBOL Application tree item, and then click New launch configuration (New launch configuration).
    This creates a new COBOL launch configuration with tictac loaded as the project to use and New_Configuration.bin/tictac.exe (Windows) or New_Configuration.bin/tictac (UNIX) as the main program to run.
  3. Click Run.

    This starts the application by opening a console window. Follow the instructions in the window to play the game.

  4. To stop the application, close the console window.