COBOL Mapping Wizard

Select Source Type
Eclipse COBOL Project
Select files from an existing COBOL project.
COBOL File on Filesystem
Select files from your hard drive, network, or other file media.
Supply Program Information
Enter the name of the COBOL program
Type the full path to and filename of a COBOL program. Alternatively, click Browse to find a program.
Enter the location(s) of the copy files (COBCPY)
Type the full path to the directory that contains copybook files used by the program.
Enter the compiler directives
Depending on the specified COBOL program and copybook location specified, some compiler directives appear here automatically. You can add compiler directives as well. Put a single space between each directive.
Service Mapping Name
Enter the name for the service
Type a name for the new service interface.
Perform Default Mapping
Default mapping
Let Enterprise Developer create default mappings.
Do not have Enterprise Developer create mappings.
Mapping Wizard Complete
Save specifications and launch the Interface Mapper.