Creating the COBOL Program

In this section you create a COBOL program. This file is created from the sample archive file that you downloaded previously.
  1. Right-click the CobolBook project in Application Explorer view, and click New > File > COBOL Program.
  2. Ensure that the Source folder field contains CobolBook/src.
  3. Ensure that the Package field contains
  4. Type book.cbl in the Name field. Click Finish to create the COBOL program.
  5. The file opens in the COBOL editor view with some skeleton text. Replace the entire contents of the program with the downloaded copy of book.cbl.
  6. Click File > Save. The project is built.

In addition to building the project, the compilation generates a class file, BookLegacy.class, which interacts with Java, and is located in the bin folder.

The bin folder is not the correct location, and, as such, the program will not execute successfully. You need to correct this problem by setting the COBOL Compiler directives.