Specifies the name of the TSO/E logon procedure used to start a CEA-launched TSO address space.
Supported Values
A character string with maximum length of 8 characters. The first character of the string must be alphabetic. The remaining characters must be alphanumeric.
Additional Information
The procedure specified by CEA_LOGONPROC must be defined to general resource class TSOPROC and potential TSO users must have access to it. If more than one CEA scheduler is run on a given system, every CEA scheduler needs its own logon procedure, because the IPCONFIG DD statement contained in this procedure will be different for every scheduler.

The logon procedure should be tested like any TSO logon procedure before using it. When it is used outside of z/Server, the initial REXX exec CEALOGON will not have run, resulting in no ISPF profile, and the TSO user being returned to the TSO READY prompt.

Use the following command to allocate the ISPF profile (with the correct naming conventions for the installation):

alloc dd(ISPPROF) dsn(userid.ISPF.ISPPROF)

Then call ISPF. If the logon procedure is correct, the ISPF primary option menu will be shown. Otherwise correct any errors.

This is a mandatory parameter for CEA scheduler address spaces.