Enterprise Server Templates

Enterprise Developer provides a number of enterprise server templates, available within the IDE, to enable you to quickly create an enterprise server and associate it with your projects.

The different types of enterprise server templates are available in the %ProgramFiles(x86)%\Micro Focus\Enterprise Developer\etc\ServerTemplates folder, by default. The templates supplied in this folder are the basis for enterprise servers, with the appropriate Mainframe Subsystem Support and CICS, Job Entry Subsystem, or IMS support enabled. For applications that need an enterprise server to run but do not use Mainframe Subsystem Support you need to use the ESTemplate.xml template. You can create additional templates by exporting an active MFDS process repository using the mfds command. See the mfds topic for more information.

Each enterprise server created using one of the templates contains a number of environment variables. When the server is started from the IDE, the environment variables are set to the appropriate project output locations. Using such variables enables you to associate the server with more than one project at the same time, or change associated projects without requiring changes to the server.

The variables enable the enterprise server to locate project output files based on the Output settings for the currently associated project(s); therefore, no changes are required when the enterprise server is associated with another project. Also, if you change the configuration within the currently associated project (for example, from Debug to Release), the new location for the project output is used, without any changes necessary. You can also append project-specific values to theses variables, separating each value with a semi-colon.

The variables are:
IDE_LOADLIB The location for the Assembler, COBOL and PL/I application files
IDE_MODPATH The location for MFS and BMS .mod files
IDE_IMSGENPATH The location for IMS gen output
IDE_IMSDATA The location for IMS databases
IDE_IMSCONFIG The location of IMS config output
Note: There is currently no template for a PL/I-configured enterprise server.