Tutorial: Assembler

AACT is a sample CICS 3270 transaction that comprises several Assembler programs and a single BMS map, and uses the resource definitions in the file dfhdrdat. This tutorial walks you through the steps required to implement and test the AACT transaction.


To complete this tutorial in Enterprise Developer you also need:
  • Micro Focus Rumba or another TN3270 emulator - this is supplied with the Enterprise Developer installer
  • A Team Edition license for Enterprise Developer
  • This tutorial assumes that your Enterprise Developer project is set to Build Automatically. If not, turn this feature on by clicking Project > Build Automatically from the main menu.

Demonstration Application

The CICS application that you use in this tutorial is the AACT demonstration application, the standard example application that IBM supplies with CICS systems. The AACT application executables are supplied with Enterprise Developer.