Set the Editor Preferences

  1. From the Data File Tools window, click Tools > Preferences, or click (Preferences).

    The Preferences dialog box appears.

  2. To set the amount of records per page, in the Miscellaneous section, enter the number of records in the Records per page field. The maximum number of records you can have per page is 10,000.
    Note: You must restart Data File Editor before any changes to this setting take effect.
  3. To set the temporary directory, which is required to apply a filter to a data file, either type a valid path, or click Browse and select one.
    Note: You can enter a relative path, which will be relative to the current working directory.
  4. To specify the padding character, in the top cell of the box next to the required encoding name, enter the character: its hexadecimal equivalent is displayed beneath.
  5. Click OK.

    The dialog box is closed.