Start the AACT Enterprise Server

You must start your enterprise server before you can access your application. You will also view the log from the Enterprise Server Console Daemon to see each module that is loading.

  1. In Server Explorer, expand Local [localhost:86].
  2. Right-click the AACT server, and click Start.
    Note: You might be prompted with an Enterprise Server Sign On dialog box, prompting you to provide connection details for the AACT server. This is a standard security dialog box. Click OK without specifying any sign-on details. Also, if prompted to disable password recovery, click No.
  3. Right-click the AACT server again, and click Show Console Log.

    This displays the messages from the server console log in the Console view. You should see the message MFASM support loaded successfully. This means that Assembler is enabled for your enterprise server.

    In the Server Explorer window, you can see that the icon for the AACT server has changed and indicates that the server has started.