Enterprise Developer Installation Options

You can install Micro Focus products silently by specifying /q at the command line and using command line parameters to specify the installation directory (installfolder=path), user information, and which features to install. You must execute the command with superuser permissions.

To see what parameters you can use, execute the following from the command line:

install-file /help

where install-file for the following products is as follows:

Enterprise Developer

See the Examples section further in this topic for examples of some of the parameters you can use.

Directory considerations

  • You must have read and write access for every directory accessed during the installation.
  • You can override the default installation folder using the InstallFolder parameter.
  • Installing creates a group of log files prefixed Micro_Focus_ in the %temp% folder, by default. To change the location or name, use the /log parameter on your Setup command line and specify the path and file name, for example:
    /log drive:\path\LogFilename

Installing silently

Use the /q parameter to install silently:

start /wait install-file.exe /q [parameters]


  • To silently install Enterprise Developer into a directory other than the default:
    start /wait ede_30.exe /q InstallFolder=c:\DirectoryName
  • If you want to silently install the Eclipse IDE in a location other than the default, execute:
    start /wait ede_30.exe /q InstallFolder2=c:\EclipseInstallDirectory
  • To skip installing JRE when installing Enterprise Developer:
    start /wait ede_30.exe /q skipjre=1
  • To silently install Rumba during the silent install of Enterprise Developer:
    start /wait ede_30.exe /q RumbaCheckbox=1