Customizing GTF tracing

If SupportLine asks for a GTF trace of z/Server and your installation doesn't have its own customized procedure, then customize the hlq.ZSERVER.JCL(IVPGTF) and copy it to the PROCLIB concatenation. z/Server writes GTF trace user records with number 3E8.

//             CYL=100,  
//             PROG=AHLGTF  
//             REGION=0M  
//             SPACE=(CYL,(&CYL),,CONTIG),  
//             RECFM=VB,  
//             DISP=(NEW,CATLG)  

Make sure that the IEFRDER dataset can be allocated without RACF errors.

Activation of GTF for user record 3E8 alters the way z/Server writes messages. There is no need to set a specific trace level; all events are now traced. The trace output is written to a GTF trace dataset, no longer to the JESx job log. Also, not all messages from trace level 0 will appear in the JESx job log.

Note: If more than one z/Server is running, starting GTF trace for user record 3E8 will automatically set the trace level to full tracing for all servers that are running. To avoid JESx spool problems, the trace level of the unaffected address spaces should be reduced to the desired value x using the operator command
F <holder|scheduler|userserver>,TRACE,LEVEL=x