Recommended versions of z/Server for Enterprise Developer

The following table shows the versions of z/Server delivered with the different Enterprise Developer releases. These are also the recommended version of z/Server to use with a particular Enterprise Developer release.

Enterprise Developer Version z/Server Version Date Released
2.1 z/Server V2R0M06 and V2R0M07 (including performance testing) October 2012
2.1.1 z/Server V2R0M07 April 2013
2.2 z/Server V2R2M00 October 2013
2.2 Update 1 z/Server V2R2M02 May 2014
2.3 z/Server V2R3 September 2015
2.3 Update 1 z/Server V2R3M01 March 2016
3.0 z/Server V3R0 June 2017


Important: An Enterprise Developer client can communicate with an older version of z/Server but not vice versa. For example, an Enterprise Developer 2.3 client can communicate with z/Server delivered with Enterprise Developer 2.3 Update 1.