Create a Structure File

  1. From the Data File Tools window, click File > New.
  2. Select Structure File, then click OK.

    The Select an .idy fIle dialog box appears.

  3. Navigate to an .idy file for a compiled program that uses the data file that you plan to apply this structure file to, then click Open.
    Note: Programs must be compiled for debug in order to produce an .idy file.

    A new Structure tab is displayed in the Data File Tools window, containing the Data Division of the .idy file in the Available Layouts pane, and the Selected Layouts pane on the right-hand side, where your layout(s) will be displayed.

  4. To create a default layout, from the Available Layouts pane, right-click the required level entry and select New Default Layout.

    The new default layout appears in the Selected Layouts pane, and consists of the selected level entry and any sub-level entries.

    This is the layout that a record will use if there are no other layouts, or no other layouts that have criteria that matches with the record.

  5. To create a conditional layout, right-click another level entry in the Available Layouts pane, then select New Conditional Layout.

    The new conditional layout appears in the Selected Layouts pane.

    Note: You can differentiate the layouts by the icons (Default) and (Conditional).
  6. In the Selected Layouts pane, expand the layout to display the field on which to base the condition, then right-click it and select Add Condition.

    Note: Conditions cannot be applied to group fields within a layout.

    The Edit Condition dialog box appears.

  7. From the Condition section, select the operator in the Comparison field, and the value in the Values field.
  8. Click OK.
    Note: You can add more than one condition to a layout; any record must match all conditions in order to use the layout.
  9. On the File menu, select Save.

    The Save Layouts to File dialog box appears.

  10. In the Filename field, type the name of the structure file and click Save.
    Tip: If you save the file with the same basename and in the same location as the data file that it will be applied to, this structure file is automatically applied when you open the data file. Similarly, if you already use a structure file of the same basename and in the same location (for example, to store the file header details), select it again to append the layout information for the file.