Micro Focus Enterprise Developer UNIX Components Installation Options

Installing into a different location

To install in a different location use the -installlocation="Location" parameter to specify an alternative directory location. For example:

./setup_entdev_3.0_platform -installlocation="full path of new location"
Note: You can use variables when specifying an absolute path for –installlocation. For example, the following examples are equivalent:

You can see details about which additional parameters can be passed to the install script if you enter the -help option.

Configuring the Enterprise Server installation

You can use the following options to configure the Enterprise Server installation: [ -ESsysLog="location" ] [ -ESadminID="User ID" ] [ -CASrtDir="location" ], where:
Specifies a location in which the build will create the Enterprise Server System log file - for example, -ESsysLog="/home/esuser/logs". The default location is /var/mfcobol/logs.
Sets the Enterprise Server System Administrator Process User ID from the command line - for example, -ESadminID="esadm". The default user ID is the one that runs the installer.
Specifies the location were the Enterprise Server run-time system files are placed - for example, -CASrtDir="/home/esuser/casrt/es". The default location is /var/mfcobol/es.

Installing Silently

You can install Micro Focus products silently by using command line parameters to specify the installation directory, user information, and which features to install. You must execute the command with superuser permissions.

You can use the following command line arguments to install silently on UNIX/Linux:

–silent -IacceptEULA

For example, execute:

[as root] setup_filename –silent -IacceptEULA