Running the BankDemo Application

To run the BankDemo application in the Eclipse IDE, you need to connect to the mainframe that you validated in the previous section.

  1. Right-click your mainframe connection in the Remote Systems pane and choose Connect.

    You are prompted to log on to the mainframe.

  2. Log on with your normal mainframe user ID and password.

    The MVS, JES and USS Explorer entries are displayed in green to indicate you have logged on successfully.

When you have successfully connected to the mainframe, there are two panes of the IDE that enable you to interface with your mainframe:
  • The Remote Systems view, which allows you to filter a view of MVS datasets, USS files and JES output.
  • The Team Developer views, which provide a project-orientated environment for developing mainframe applications on and off the host.

Use these panes when performing the following tasks: