Checking the syntax remotely (Assembler)

As well as editing files on the mainframe, you can use Enterprise Developer for z Systems to compile applications directly on the mainframe.
Before you begin, open the UTWOSCMP Assembler member of the .ASM PDS in the Editor. Change "LA" on Line 30 to be "LAX" and then save the code. This saves the changes on the mainframe.
  1. In Application Explorer view, right-click the UTWOSCMP member and click Remote Syntax Check.

    A dialog box appears, prompting you for additional compiler directives.

  2. Click OK.

    The code is compiled on the mainframe, using the mainframe Assembler. If any syntax errors are detected, they are displayed in the Error Feedback view, shown below:

  3. To go directly to the error you created within the source file, double-click the syntax error with ID ASMA029E. You are prompted to associate the error with the source member.

  4. Click Yes. The syntax error is shown in the editor, along with the error code. This allows you to locate and fix errors quickly.
  5. Correct the error, save, then repeat step 1. The code now compiles cleanly.