Configuring an Enterprise Server for a COBOL Program service

Enterprise Server provides a default enterprise server instance, ESDEMO, that is configured to run COBOL program-based services. However, if you want to create and configure an enterprise server to use specifically for your service, the process of adding and configuring an enterprise server is the same as for any COBOL program application.

Configuring the timeout for a Web service

You can configure the time that the client waits for a response from a web service by setting the ES_WS_RUNAWAY_TIMEOUT environment variable. ES_WS_RUNAWAY_TIMEOUT takes values between 0 and 65535 seconds.

You can setting ES_WS_RUNAWAY_TIMEOUT as follows:

  • In the settings of the enterprise server instance - this sets the variable globally
  • On individual Web services from within the IDE (invoke the properties of a service interface that is part of your project for the Web service, check Enable Enterprise Server run-time environment, click Configure Enterprise Server Run-time Environment and then set the environment variable on the Environment Variables tab).
    Note: A timeout value set on a Web service overrides any existing global setting.