To specify environment variables for an application

You can specify environment variables to use with your applications either at a project level or for a build configuration.

  1. Click Project > Properties.
    • To specify environment variables that apply to the entire project:
      1. Expand Micro Focus > Project Settings > Build Environment.
    • To specify environment variables that only apply to a build configuration:
      1. Expand Micro Focus > Build Configurations > Build Environment.
      2. Select Build Configuration.
      3. Check Enable configuration specific settings.
  2. Specify a variable to use with your project or build configuration:
    • To manually add a variable:
      1. Click Add.

        This opens the Add variable dialog box.

      2. In the Variable field, type your variable name.
        Note: The name must not be blank and must not contain the '=' character.
      3. In the Value field, type the variable value.
      4. Click OK.
    • To specify a script that contains the environment variables to use:
      1. In the Environment script to execute field, click Browse to navigate and select the script to use.

        The script must contain the variables in the following format - set variable=value, and must not require user interaction.

      2. Click OK.
      Restriction: The script should not allow user interaction.
  3. Click Apply.
  4. Click OK.

Building the project adds the information about the variables to the application.

Note: Click Restore Defaults to remove all variables or scripts from this page.