General configuration

The following general configuration parameters apply to both unified and individual schedulers:

SVC_NO Change the SVC number from NNN to the required value for your host. The default is 238.
IPSTACK Specifies the name of the IP stack used for processing
DSP_TOKEN If you are running multiple z/Server instances DSP_TOKEN must be different from any other token used by any other holder task. Make sure that the MAXCADS definition in the IEASYSxx member of the parmlib concatenation specifies a sufficiently high value to allow for the creation of that common access data space.

Use the z/OS health checker to see how many common access data spaces are in use. If the value is too low, the data space creation will fail. The value in IEASYSxx can only be increased via IPL.

For a complete overview of all general configuration parameters see Configuration reference.