Reviewing an XML configuration file

This enables you to review the XML configuration file in stages. You can modify the existing parameters and add advanced or custom parameters:

  1. To review and amend your holder parameters, click Configure Holder.

    This takes you to the Holder configuration page. Amend the parameters as required. See Holder Parameters for more information on the parameters available.

    • To return to the Review page without saving your modifications, click Cancel.
    • To apply your changes, click Apply.

      This enables the Advanced button. Click Advanced to modify advanced or custom parameters.

  2. Click OK.

    This returns you to the Review page. The Configure Scheduler button is now enabled.

  3. To review and configure the scheduler, click Configure Scheduler.
  4. When you have reviewed and modified the configuration, click Next.

    This takes you to the Edit Configuration page. See Edit Configuration page for more information.