Database Access Features

We supply several runtimes to communicate with your running SQL applications, including:
  • OpenESQL ODBC Runtime - communicates with native COBOL SQL applications that use any type of database.
  • OpenESQL JVM Managed Runtime - communicates with managed COBOL SQL applications that use any type of database
Our database access preprocessors enable you to access relational databases by embedding SQL statements within your COBOL programs. The programming details differ with each preprocessor, resulting in many programming options. They also offer a wide range of features to assist you in the programming process.
  • OpenESQL for use with ODBC 3.0-compliant drivers and JDBC version 4 drivers
  • COBSQL for use with COBOL preprocessors supplied by relational database vendors
    Note: You can also use a preprocessor supplied by your database vendor without COBSQL.
Stored Procedures
We support COBOL stored procedures for DB2 LUW and SQL Server 2008 or later.
SQL Option for DB2
Enterprise Developer also includes a complete relational database product, SQL Option for DB2. This includes access to an XDB database, which is fully compatible with DB2.
In addition to the OpenESQL and COBSQL preprocessors, Enterprise Developer provides the DB2 External Compiler Module preprocessor for developing and deploying mainframe-style DB2 ECM SQL applications.
HCO for SQL Server
HCO for SQL Server (HCOSS) provides tools for migrating DB2 databases and applications to SQL Server 2008 databases and applications. It is a superset of OpenESQL; therefore applications that use HCOSS have access to all OpenESQL functionality.
Note: We do not provide details about SQL syntax, error messages returned or any use of SQL outside of the COBOL environment. For details of these, refer to the documentation supplied by your database vendor.