Edit a Record Using Hexadecimal Values

You can directly edit hexadecimal values within a data file.

Note: When editing files that have record layouts applied, take care that you enter the correct type of data. Invalid data will be formatted to match the data type of the field.
  1. In the Data File Tools window, ensure you have Hex View enabled; see Show Contents of a Data File in Hexadecimal.
  2. In the Hex pane, select the first character in the hex pair.

    This highlights the hex pair and its corresponding character in the Unformatted Record pane and the field pane beneath the layout.

  3. Type a new two-digit/character hex pair, then press Enter.

    The ANSI/EBCDIC character is updated.

    Note: You cannot enter a numerical or character value if it results in an invalid hex pair.