Generate and Deploy a JSP Client

Walks you through the process of generating a JSP client for the ProgramEJB service interface, and deploying it to your JBoss application server.
Restriction: This topic applies to Windows environments (local development) only.

For an EJB to access a COBOL service running on an enterprise server, you must have the EJB and a JSP client running on an application server. You now generate an EJB and a JSP client for the ProgramEJB service you deployed and configure your JBoss application server to run them.

  1. From Application Explorer view, right-click the ProgramEJB Java interface; then click Generate Client.

    The Console tells you when the client has generated successfully.

  2. In Eclipse, click the Console tab.
  3. On the icon bar, click the down arrow associated with Display Selected Console Display Selected Console.
  4. Click Service Interfaces Console.
  5. Copy the ProgramEJB.ear file, located in your project's repos\ProgramEJB.deploy directory, to your JBoss installation's standalone\deployments directory.