z/Server Configuration Utility

The z/Server configuration utility is a web-based utility that simplifies the process of configuring the XML file that controls how z/Server operates. The utility guides you through steps to create a new XML file, specifying the holder, scheduler and user server elements. It validates the specified parameters and values ensuring that the XML file is well formed. You can edit a basic configuration file adding advanced or custom parameters and then upload it to the mainframe ready for use with z/Server. You can also download and edit existing XML files directly from the mainframe.


The z/Server configuration utility has the following features:

  • Web-based graphical display.
  • Validation of XML configuration files.
  • Parameter and value validation at the point of entry.
  • Grouped parameters for holder, scheduler and user server configuration.
  • Ability to upload or download configuration files directly to the mainframe.


The z/Server configuration utility has the following limitations:

  • Supports configuration of XML files created with Enterprise Developer 2.3 or greater.
  • Internet Explorer does not support saving the XML configuration file directly to the browser's download folder. The XML file will be displayed in a browser popup. You can copy from the popup and paste to a new location.
  • The Web-based utility is restricted to password lengths that are 8 characters or fewer.