Note: This is a technology preview feature. It is being made available to allow you to edit test data and provide feedback on this new capability; however, this feature is not intended for the editing of production data and its use is not supported as such.

You can set the following preferences when using the Data File Editor:

Records per page
Set the amount of records you want to display per page. The more records you display per page, the more memory that is required; therefore, reduce the amount of records per page if you receive memory problems. Use the and icons to navigate the pages of records.
Note: You must restart Data File Tools before any changes to this setting take effect.
Temporary Directory
Set the location of a temporary directory that is required in order to filter a data file. You can specify either an absolute or a relative (to the current working directory) path. An invalid path, or no path at all, will produce an error when you attempt to apply a filter.
Padding Character
Each new record is immediately padded with the characters you specify here for both ANSI and EBCDIC encoding. Enter the character in the top cell of the box next to the encoding name.