Troubleshooting the z/Server configuration

You can use the following diagnostic tools and information to troubleshoot issues with the z/Server configuration:

z/Server Configuration Utility (Technical Preview)

The z/Server Configuration Utility (Technical Preview) makes it easier to download, validate and edit a configuration file. This utility is available from the Product Updates section of the Micro Focus SupportLine site. To download the utility, once you have logged in to the SupportLine site, navigate to the latest version of Enterprise Developer and select z/Server Configuration Utility.

Error messages

Use the information in any error messages to determine what the possible issues might be.

For example, trying to start the holder process with an invalid XML results in the holder failing to start and you receive a message indicating there is a problem with the XML validation - for example:

XCO0021E  10:50:59.846 XML Validation has failed. Reason = 8800. Error offset into XML document = 00000020.

Such messages include a reason code and an error offset:

The Reason code indicates a specific problem with the XML code - check the section Reason codes listed by value in IBM's "z/OS V2R1.0 XML System Services User's Guide and Reference" (SA38-0681).
Error offset
The location in hexadecimal from the start of the XML document where the error occurred.

The error message quoted earlier is caused by the following invalid XML code:

       <UserServer CCSID="037" />

Use the reason code and the offset shown in this message to determine the cause of the error. In this example, the offset points to a location in the first line of the XML configuration file. Here there is an invalid attribute value in the <Configuration> section - SVC_NO="NNN" is invalid because SVC_NO must be a numeric value.

XML validation tools

You can use any third-party XML validation tool to check the XML configuration file against the XML schema file available in hlq.ZSERVER.CONFIG(IVPSCHEM).