Tutorial: SOAP Service Interface

Walks you through the process of defining a SOAP service interface using the Interface Mapping Toolkit (IMTK), deploying it to an enterprise server instance, and generating and running a client to access it.
Restriction: This topic applies to Windows environments (local development) only.


Before beginning this tutorial, complete the instructions in Create a Visual Studio Solution .


In this tutorial, you work through the following tasks:

  • Review the code in the COBOL demonstration application to become familiar with how it works
  • Create a project for the COBOL program service interface
  • Define a Web Services service interface to access the COBOL application
  • Deploy the service interface to the enterprise server
  • Generate and deploy a Web Services client to access the service
  • Run the client, accessing the service

If you are not familiar with the concept and implementation of a service interface, take some time to review the introductory information and other relevant topics for the IMTK before beginning the tutorial.

Complete this tutorial by following the instructions in the following topics in the order listed here. The bottom of each topic provides Next topic and Previous topic navigational links to help you proceed through the tutorial in its proper sequence: