Create a project

You create a project that comprises all the parts of your application, for example the COBOL source and BMS files. You build the demonstration application in the IDE, and deploy and run it on an Enterprise Server configured with the MSS.

  1. Start Eclipse and select a workspace location such as c:\tutorials.
  2. In Eclipse, make sure that the Team Developer perspective is the active Eclipse perspective and the application Enterprise Development Projects is loaded in the Team Developer Tree view.
  3. Right-click Enterprise Development Projects and select New COBOL Project > Mainframe COBOL Project.

    This starts the COBOL Project wizard.

  4. Type ACCT in the Project Name field.

    The default location for storing new projects is the workspace you selected when you started the Eclipse IDE. If you wish to change this, disable Use default location and specify a different location.

  5. Click Finish.

    The ACCT project is created and appears in the Team Developer Tree view. By default, its COBOL dialect is Enterprise COBOL for z/OS and the character set is EBCDIC.