Tutorial: Debug the Application

Before attempting this tutorial, you must complete the following tutorials in the order listed:
  • Tutorial: Create a SQL Server Database
  • Tutorial: Create and Configure an Eclipse Project
  • Tutorial: Set OpenESQL Assistant Configuration Options
  • Tutorial: Catalog a Connection
  • Tutorial: Build and Test a Query
  • Tutorial: Generate and Embed an SQL Program
  • Tutorial: Provide Additional Code
Add a Break Point
The program sends output to the console, and you want the application to pause at the point where you can see the output.
  1. In the COBOL Editor, scroll down to the following statement:
  2. In the gray area to the left of the statement, double click to toggle a break point.
  3. Save the OESQLAssistantTutorial project. Eclipse automatically rebuilds the project.
Debug the Application
  1. Press F11 to start debugging.
  2. Press either F5 or F6 to execute statements until you get to your break point.
  3. If the console is not visible, minimize the Eclipse IDE. You should see the console output.
  4. Press F5 or F6 again to complete the debugging process.

This completes the OpenESQL Assistant tutorials.