Set a Fixed Port

By default, Enterprise Server uses ephemeral ports for its communication listeners, to prevent clashes occurring with other network software on your machine when a listener starts. However, this can make debugging more complex, since Enterprise Server is likely to be assigned a different port each time it starts.

To force Enterprise Server to use a fixed port number for debugging purposes:

  1. Stop the JCLDEMO server.
  2. Open the Enterprise Server Administration page.
  3. On the row for JCLDEMO, click Details for the Listeners in the Communications Processes column.
  4. Click Edit on the row for Web Services and J2EE.

    The existing setting for Endpoint Address should be *:*.

    The second * indicates use an ephemeral port number.

  5. Change the Endpoint Address to *:5055 in order to use a fixed port.
    Note: You can enter any available port number; 5055 is just an example.
  6. Click OK.
  7. Start JCLDEMO from Server Explorer.

    During the startup sequence, watch for a mention of dynamic debug enabled. If you missed it, check the log by opening Enterprise Server Administration, clicking Edit in the JCLDEMO row, and selecting Server > Control > ES Monitor and Control > Display.