View the Spool Queues

The Enterprise Server Monitor and Control (ESMAC) works in conjunction with Enterprise Server Administration and enables you to view and control Enterprise Servers, and the services, packages, and handlers that run on those servers. The spooler is another name for the job entry subsystem, JES. It maintains a number of spool queues, showing the status of jobs in the system.

The IDE enables direct access to the Spool and Catalog on the ESMAC pages.

To see the spool queues:

  1. In Server Explorer, right-click JCLDEMO.
  2. Select Show Spool from the context menu.

    The page that appears shows one of the spooler queues.

  3. Click Output.

    This displays the Output Queue. It contains the output from the job you have just run.

  4. Select the check box to the left of the JCLTEST entry, and click Display.

    This shows details of the job.

  5. You can view details of a particular step. For example, click Details on the line for the READ step.
  6. On that details page, click Display to view the output from the READ step.

    The output from this step consists of a small number of simple records.