Submit and Run a JCL Job

To submit the JCL application to JCLDEMO:

  1. In the Application Explorer view, right-click ESJCL.jcl, and click Submit JCL to associated Server.
    The JCL job performs the following actions:
    • Uses the IDCAMS utility to delete any previous instance of the data set that will be created.
    • Runs a simple COBOL program (JCLCREAT.cbl) that creates and populates a simple data set.
    • Uses the IEBGENER utility to populate a temporary data set.
    • Runs a simple COBOL program (JCLREAD.cbl) to write the contents of the temporary data set to SYSOUT.

Check the Console view to see the output messages, including a link to view the job result. Click the link in the Console view to see the details of the job. You can also check the Enterprise Server Console Daemon window running outside of the IDE for the result of running the JCL job.