Define Batch Initiators and Printers

JCL execution requires the following types of Service Execution Processes (SEPs):

You can define initiators and printers to start up automatically whenever the Enterprise Server is started, and you can also create ones that last only for the current session.

The JCL template that you used to create an Enterprise Server includes an INITALL initiator. You need to create a new one for your application, named INITB.

To define an initiator to start automatically:

  1. On the home page of Enterprise Server Administration, click Edit next to JCLDEMO.
  2. Make sure the Server and Properties tabs are selected, and click MSS > JES > Initiators.

    You can see that an initiator, INITALL, has already been defined.

  3. Click Edit on the row for INITALL and change the initiator as follows:
    Field Value Comment
    Name INITB Not case sensitive — gets folded to upper case
    Class B Not case sensitive — gets folded to upper case
    Description Initiator for class B job  
  4. Click OK, and then click Home to return to the Enterprise Server Administration page.