In this tutorial you perform the steps typically required in managing, maintaining and running JCL applications. In summary, you:

  1. Create and configure an Enterprise Server to run JCL applications.
  2. Create a native COBOL project comprising all the parts of your application, such as the COBOL source programs and a JCL batch file.
  3. Associate the project with your Enterprise Server.
  4. Build the COBOL project in your IDE.
  5. Submit the JCL file to your Enterprise Server.
    The JCL performs the following actions on the Enterprise Server:
    1. Uses the IDCAMS utility to delete any previous instance of the data set that will be created.
    2. Runs a simple COBOL program (JCLCREAT.cbl) that creates and populates a simple data set.
    3. Uses the IEBGENER utility to populate a temporary data set.
    4. Runs a simple COBOL program (JCLREAD.cbl) to write the contents of the temporary data set to SYSOUT.
  6. View the spool and the catalog to view the results of the JCL that ran.
  7. Dynamically debug the project.