Modifying wui_config.xml

To modify the wui_config.xml file to specify one or more host machine-AccuRev Server mappings:

  1. Stop the Tomcat web server.
  2. Navigate to the .accurev subdirectory under the home directory of the user running Tomcat web server:
    Microsoft Windows
    C:\Documents and Settings\<user name>, or C:\Users\<user name>
    The user’s login directory
  3. Check the .accurev subdirectory for a customized version of wui_config.xml. If there is no file by that name, copy <CATALINA_HOME>\webapps\accurev\wui_config.xml, where <CATALINA_HOME> is the Apache Tomcat installation directory, to the .accurev subdirectory.
  4. Edit the <serverMap> element:
      <serverMapEntry host = "host_name:port" accurevServer = "server:port"/>
    Note: You can specify as many <serverMapEntry> elements as needed for your environment.
  5. Save the wui_config.xml file.
  6. Restart the Tomcat web server.