Configuring the AccuWork Schema

During configuration of the AccuBridge product for your ITS, you modify the AccuWork issue database schema by adding a field to store the unique key for each issue record. This field is referred to as the issue identifier. You might name the issue identifier field issueKey, for example. See your AccuBridge documentation for more information on this topic.

Once the issue identifier has been specified in AccuBridge, you must set the AccuWork schema 3pty ITS Key property to that value, as described here.

To set the AccuWork schema 3pty ITS Key property:

  1. As the Admin user, start the AccuRev GUI.
  2. Select Admin > Schema Editor from the AccuRev GUI toolbar. The Schema Editor tab appears. The Schema subtab should be open by default, as shown in the following illustration. If it is not, click the Schema subtab to open it.