Configuring the wui_config.xml File

Use the procedure described in this section to modify the AccuRev Web UI wui_config.xml file. Specifically, you edit the <issueURLMap> element to specify:

  • An AccuRev Server.
  • Depot name.
  • URL of the issue tracking system you want to access.
  1. Stop the Tomcat web server.
  2. Navigate to the .accurev subdirectory under the home directory of the user running Tomcat web server:
    Microsoft Windows
    C:\Documents and Settings\<user name>, or C:\Users\<user name>
    The user’s login directory
  3. Check the .accurev subdirectory for a customized version of wui_config.xml. If there is no file by that name, copy <CATALINA_HOME>\webapps\accurev\wui_config.xml, where <CATALINA_HOME> is the Apache Tomcat installation directory, to the .accurev subdirectory.
  4. Edit the <issueURLMap> element.
    <issueURLMapEntry accurevServer = "accu3:5050" depotName = "accurev" issueURL = "http://<its_server>:<port>/browse/*ISSUE_KEY*" />
    Note: Set the *ISSUE_KEY* parameter to the value of the issue identifier you used to configure the AccuWork schema (issueKey, for example). See Modifying the wui_config.xml for more information.
  5. Save the wui_config.xml file.
  6. Restart the Tomcat web server.